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6 Facet Natural Healing Crystal Pendant Necklace | Jovivi

6 Facet Natural Healing Crystal Pendant Necklace | Jovivi

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The 6 facets natural gemstone pendant necklace is a good reiki quartz jewelry for both women and men as great gifts.

  • Rose quartz is a famous love gem. The rose quartz corresponds to the heart wheel in 7 chakras, which can strengthen the health of the heart and lung function and relieve the irritability. It is also a healing crystal that can improve your relationship with your lover and bring you a happy emotional life.
  • Amethyst in 7 chakra corresponding to the eyebrow wheel which can promote the activity of brain cells, helping to think and concentrate. Amethyst stands for spirituality, spirit, and noble love. It can be used as an emotion and symbol of an admirer.
  • Green represents health, and green aventurine has a good effect on relieving bad emotions. It can calm the heart down and make people feel quiet and good for their health.

More details:
Each crystal stone of this pendant is carefully selected and polished to set off your beautiful temperament. 
- The pointed crystal stone is 37-39mm in length and 18mm in width.
- The braided rope is 31" adjustable and 2mm in thickness.
- Package includes 1x necklace and 1x gift box


*Clear quartz may have small inclusions that look like a smudge in the crystal, and the crystal is not 100% transparent.


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