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Worry Stones Set Pack of 4 | Jovivi

Worry Stones Set Pack of 4 | Jovivi

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  • A+ Top Quality Worry Stone. Best for Healing, Positive Energy, Reiki, Meditation,anxiety,Peace of Mind; Comes with a beautiful velvet pouch. Also useful for Stress, Anxiety, Issues, Chakra Healing, Mental Imbalance, Crystal & Massage Therapy, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic, Relaxation, Trauma, Exams, Business, Growth, Prosperity, Power, and many more applications.
  • These worry stones, are from smooth, polished rose quartz/tiger's eye/green jade/black agatestone, and vary in color and size, dimensions for this worry stone:approx.1.18"-1.57"(30*40mm).QTY:4pcs.Package in Elegant Gift Box and comes with Velvet Pouch, Great Gifts for Collecting!
  • Worry stones are small stones that fit easily in your palm . They commonly have a groove which fits the thumb. Rubbing the stone is known to provide stress relief. The item Includes a Pouch. Easy to travel with. Carry as an amulet in your pocket, purse or pouch.
  • Worry stone peculiar shape, the middle part is concave, you can use your fingers to press and give you proper decompression
  • The picture is only for your reference,The stone you received will be similar because of the natural stones


How does a worry stone work?

Worry stones are a form of de-stressing stone that work towards relaxing your troubled mind when you rub them with your thumb. Using a worry stone is very easy. All you have to do is place the flat stone between your thumb and index finger. Rub the stone by using your thumb so that the continuous motion activates the nerves situated at the base of your thumb that results in relasing natural endorphins. In turn, it induces a sense of calmness and relaxation in the body and mind. You will get peace and positive emotion and healthy life.


Cleansing a Worry Stone

If your worry stone has begun to look or feel less than shiny, maybe it’s time to give it a good cleansing.

Most worry stones are safe to wash with gentle soap and water. (Exceptions are selenite, water-soluble crystals and dyed-color stones like lapis lazuli). You can also place your worry stone in a bowl of salt or leave it outside for energetic cleansing until it feels squeaky clean again.


Never fear a broken worry stone!

A broken worry stone is not a sign of a curse or a bad omen. People will often say that a cracked crystal has “done its job” or “ retired “ and see it as a sign to move on.

You can place the pices in a stream or flowerbed to help disperse any personal energy. Then buy a new worry stone.


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