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Natural Crystal Tree of Life Money Tree Feng Shui Ornament | Jovivi

Natural Crystal Tree of Life Money Tree Feng Shui Ornament | Jovivi

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  • Brings wealth and luck.
  • Good for home decoration and chakra crystal healing. It is said to improve career luck as well as an excellent Feng Shui Figurine for those who are in managerial positions .
  • Crystal Tree: Handmade crystal tree ornaments, the leaves made of natural amethyst, rose quartz and aquamarine stone, the base made of natural agate, the tree branch made of copper.
  • Gemstone Tree Size:High:14-16cm(5.51-6.3 inches), Base Agate:Width:7-9cm(2.75-3.54 inches) * Thickness:4.5-8mm(0.17-3.15 inches), Irregular tumbled gemstone. Weight:200-250g
  • Tree of Life:Tree of life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions. It symbolizes many things, including wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, prosperity, beauty, and redemption.Tree of life are used to energetically influence the senses, balancing the body, mind and soul. It can bring about opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity.
  • Please Note:The money tree ornament you recieved is pakaged in a box, you need to spread out all the leaves and make shape for the tree as we wrap the tree and let the leaves and branches together to protect the gemstone tree well in transit.

FLUORITE -- Fluorite typically contains green and purple colors, giving it an incredible synergistic energy that heals and rejuvenates the aura. The green colors clean and purifiy the heart chakra by aligning your mind with the true desires of the heart. The purple colors helps you discover your divine purpose in life.

CITRINE -- Citrine is known as The Merchant's Stone or The Success Stone. It enhance mental clarity and allows for the flow of idea and visualizing.

AMETHYST -- Amethyst is thought of mostly as a protective stone. It's helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. Many meditate with amethyst so as to rid themselves of the darkness.


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